Halle has been featured in a selection of articles, such as Void Magazine and UNF Spinnaker Magazine (UNF Dive Club).



Void Magazine

"I would love gills. I would totally ditch land life to live underwater and leave everything behind." — Local freediver, Halle Piacente


Void Magazine

Halle was interviewed by Void Magzine in their outdoor issue for Atlantic Pro Diver’s marketing advertisement.

A deep dive with local freediver, Halle Piacente.

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unf spinnaker magazine

UNF Dive Club invites students to swim with sharks.


unf Spinnaker magazine

The UNF Dive Club, under Halle’s leadership, was featured in the UNF Spinnaker Magazine to promote a shark dive event.

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Void magazine

Spend summer on the water, or at Safe Harbor… Your call.

July, 2015

Void magazine

Halle was featured in Void Magazine for Safe Harbor Seafood’s marketing advertisement.