I am a Woman of the Water

It’s an escape for me.

Somewhere I can escape all the noise, judgements, responsibilities, and tragedies of the world.

Somewhere that is completely peaceful. Never any bad times.

This is my sanity.

As soon as I jump in, everything above the surface disappears.

It’s just plain life.

All I have to worry about is enjoying and surviving.

That’s all I really want to worry about.

The only noises I can hear are the sounds of the reef,

dolphins, whales singing their beautiful songs, and bubbles leaving my

regulator if I’m scuba diving.

I can finally let my ears listen to the sound of nature.

It’s safe down here. I belong here.

The ocean is really one of the few places that are still left wild in this big world we live in.

Humans take everything.

Land, animal habitats, and even take animals away from their homes and families.

Animals that should thrive out in the wild and rule their own kingdoms

are put in cages for entertainment

that we call aquariums, the zoo, or even the food industry.

The ocean is the last place we haven’t taken over…almost.

We don’t rule here. We are all equals. This is the way it should be.

Co-existing with one another.

We are simply wild.

Wild, fierce, and beautiful here.

I am a woman of the water.

I’m here to protect the place I love the most in the world.

I’m here to keep it wild and help it thrive.

My passion is diving, both scuba and free. It allows me to discover, experience, and challenge myself.

I constantly learn new things underwater. New species, new behavior,

new friendships - with humans who have the same passion and with underwater species.

I love the feeling of being salty because it means I visited home.

We are Mona and This is for the Women celebrated a campaign called “I am a #womanofthewater” highlighting powerful women who are making an impact in this world through their love for the ocean.

I absolutely loved this campaign. It was inspiring to watch a diverse community of women share their passions and love affair that they have with the ocean.